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Chris Traynor

Bands & Projects

Bush, Orange 9mm, Helmet; Recorded with Katy Perry, Peter Green (Fleetwood Mac)


Chris Traynor is American guitarist and songwriter.

Chris started his career with the seminal post hardcore band Orange 9mm, then playing bass and guitar in the alternative metal band Helmet. In late 2001, Traynor joined the British rock band Bush, and has been performing with Bush and Gavin Rossdale ever since.

Over his 30-year musical career, Chris has performed with a diverse group of musical artists, including the Brit pop band Blur and recorded with Katy Perry, Peter Green of Fleetwood Mac, and Rival Schools.

“I met Avi when he first started doing his own custom builds. He’s not only a great luthier, but I consider him a great friend. It’s a rare occasion that I would let anyone one else repair or build my guitar—Avi is my go-to guy.”