Shabat Custom Electric Guitars & Basses

There are no shortcuts in crafting the perfect guitar. That’s why we take the time to ensure that everything comes together perfectly to create an everlasting instrument. We believe in conserving the classic guitar formulas that worked—and are still working today—but at the same time, perfect the imperfections that accompany many vintage instruments. The result is a remarkable, consistent array of electric instruments that boast vintage vibe and feel combined with modern stability and comfort of use.


A short-scale shred machine designed by Justin Derrico
A modded-out Lynx built to Dweezil’s specs
Inspired by guitar virtuoso Gonzalo Bergara
The legendary T-style guitar perfected
The beautiful simplicity of one pickup—it’s all you need
A dual-pickup, slab-body machine
Classic twang paired with fat humbucker tone 
A vast range of sonic options to suit any player
Semi-hollow tone in our flagship Lion model
An elegant, modern take on vintage semi-hollow style
The ultimate in double-cutaway bolt-on design
A stripped-down, throwback 24″ scale rocker
An eye-catching 24.75″ scale offset with vintage style
A full-scale, vintage-style offset with modern upgrades
Extended 27″ scale in our classic Lion design

Bass Guitars

An easy-playing 30″ scale bass that delivers low-end punch
The modern player’s “passive aggressive” bass
Your go-to, slim-neck vintage-style offset bass
An all-passive 5-string for today’s bassist