Handbuilt in the USA

“You can’t put a price on inspiration “

Lion Standard

Every guitarist needs one single-coil guitar that delivers the perfect amount of bite and twang to cut through the mix.

Lion GB

Light and responsive blues machine, Inspired by guitar virtuoso Gonzalo Bergara

Lion DX

Our Lion DX is all about options and big, thunderous humbucker tone.

Lion Custom

While other manufacturers may offer models with “custom” in the name, the Shabat Lion Custom is just that: custom.


Inspired by Chris Traynor the Bobcat is a Lion with Mahogny body and wraparound bridge.


Lightweight alder or swamp ash body, the Lynx is the ultimate in a double cuttaway bolt on design.


Eye-catching offset beauty with true vintage style, balanced and comfortable 24.75″ scale.

Panther Bass

The Panther combines vintage tone and feel with uncompromising accuracy, playability and durability.


Shabat Featured Artists 

Sean Hurwitz

Enrique Iglesias

Chris Traynor


Gonzalo Bergera

Solo Multi Instrumentalist